LawPracticeZA is a web-based ("cloud") Billing and Matter Management application with integrated business and trust accounting for law firms in South Africa and Botswana.
 Continually honed in daily use by thousands of users (of all legal specialities including advocates)
 Seamless controls built-in for ease and accuracy
 Start using now and work from anywhere, anytime

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Users and Testimonials

Join the growing number of law firms using LawPracticeZA around Southern Africa.

LawPracticeZA users in Southern Africa

Attractive and Easy to Use but don't be deceived

LawPracticeZA's simple interface belies a powerful, complex system with a great deal of automation and controls for maintaining accounting and data integrity.


  • makes managing matters a breeze
  • makes recording fees quick and easy to do at the time they happen, or later
  • produces beautiful and professional proformas and invoices in seconds

You can evaluate LawPracticeZA for yourself right now. Head down to Get Started and after a quick review process you will have your own private instance of LawPracticeZA, with some sample data to play with, and a full manual. No hardware or software to install, instant access via your browser, whether using an Apple Mac, PC, Tablet or smartphone. Connect from anywhere, at home or at the office.

LawPracticeZA is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

  • Completely browser-based
  • Hosted locally in South Africa
  • Private and Secure

Liberating, Effective and Time-Saving

  • Enables you to work securely from anywhere with internet
  • Gives you the freedom to use whatever device or operating system you like
  • Keeps fee earners on their billing targets
  • Encapsulates all the right accounting controls you need to maintain your records with accuracy and integrity as things happen
  • Keeps your data safe
  • Liberates you from dependence on expensive and unreliable on-site support
  • Offers unlimited online support

LawPracticeZA's Features Batteries included

✓ Billing and Time-Keeping with work-in-progress, quotations and pro forma invoicing ✓ Fee Earner Targets ✓ Matter Diary and Timesheets
✓ Full Business Accounting ✓ Full Trust Accounting ✓ LPC 86(4) Investment Accounting formerly Section 78 2(A)
✓ Multiple Currency Bill and receipt in any currency ✓ Matter Attachments Store files and notes on matters securely ✓ Website Integration let your clients and suppliers submit their company info through your firm's website
✓ Securely hosted in RSA on expertly managed private server infrastructure with backups and tight security regime ✓ Works on all major devices and operating systems ✓ Backups included
✓ Document Automation for cost estimates, letters of engagement and more ✓ No installation or special IT required save on call-out fees and risky onsite servers which are vulnerable to ransomware ✓ Streamlined FICA information collection
✓ Recurring Billing for retainers and subscription services ✓ Bulk invoice and statement emailing with bounce monitoring ✓ Bank Reconciliation with automated imports from all SA banks
✓ Opt-in Integrations with e4, Google Calendar, Microsoft O365 Outlook Calendar, Paper Cut, Softlog … and we're always working on more ✓ Free conversion from legacy system ✓ Unlimited online support at no extra charge
✓ Payroll Generate payslips, manage leave and UIF for your firm's staff

Privacy and Security

You are our customer, not our data.

LawPracticeZA is a 100% self-financed, family-owned business based here in South Africa. LawPracticeZA makes extensive use of open-source technology for security and quality reasons. Our suppliers do not have access to the data you entrust us with and it is deployed on infrastructure that is under only our control. This means that your data is not shared with other companies or services, other than the third-party integrations, like Google or Office 365 Calendar, which you may choose to enable, explicitly. Even with these integrations enabled, the minimum data is shared in order for the integration to function. For example, with calendar integrations, only the information necessary for syncing of diary entries is shared.

We do not sell your data to anyone, ever, and we do not share summary information or other types of aggregated or analytical reductions of your data with anyone, aside from broad, anonymised measurements we use for marketing purposes which you may see on this website (such as number of firms using LawPracticeZA, approximate geographical distribution, etc). Our staff are able to access data on a need-to-know basis only in order to provide you with service and support, for the purposes of using our product safely and effectively. We are committed to the highest levels of privacy and security for you, our LawPracticeZA user.

E4 integrates with LawPracticeZA

Good News for Conveyancers

LawPracticeZA is integrated with e4 Transfers and e4 Bonds. This integration eliminates duplicate financial capturing between conveyancing and account management systems and dramatically increases the efficiency and accuracy of client and matter accounts.

The integration requires a special e4 user to be added to your LawPracticeZA instance at no additional cost. Contact us if you need assistance setting up the integration.

Recent Updates from the Developers Continuous Improvement


LawPracticeZA has been built with an API-first approach. All business logic operations and data IO can be performed securely over our secure RESTful JSON API mounted at /api. This means that developers are free to integrate LawPracticeZA with other systems such as document generation, business management, customer relationship management, etc. See the API guide in our manual for further reading.


Viva totally transparent pricing, Viva! Prices quoted are per month ex VAT, for the "full monty" - we do not charge per module. We do not charge extra for integrations to third party software (however third party software may have its own costs/subscriptions)
Base Price Includes all bookkeeper, admin/support staff & auditor loginsR1700
Per Lawyer (attorney, candidate attorney or advocate)R850
  • As many bookkeeper, auditor and admin logins as you like - after the base price you only pay per lawyer
  • Annual increase never more than prevailing inflation rate
  • No long term contract - 1 month notice to cancel only
  • Read-only access to your data for 6 months after cancellation
  • No special hardware or maintenance, just use your favourite modern browser
  • Benefit from continuous improvements at no extra cost

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Complete the details below and once reviewed we will email you an initial username and password to access your own fully operational LawPracticeZA system now which you can play around with for free. Once you decide to go ahead, perhaps after a Zoom session with us to answer any questions, we'll help you with clearing test data and completing your set-up so you can go live. We only start billing you at the end of your first live month. If you choose not to continue, no problem, just let us know and we'll remove your account and you won't be billed. No onerous contract - once live, you are free to cancel anytime with 1 calendar month's notice.